DVB-SI | URI Linkage Type ID

To assist receivers in identifying resources obtainable via an IP network, an appropriate value of the URI_Linkage_Type is conveyed along with a URI.


Key Fields:

URI Linkage Specification Name - Name of an Application System Specification (e.g. "Hybrid Internet TV")

URI Linkage Specifier - Name of the organization specifying the " URI Linkage Specification Name" mentioned above (e.g. "Hybrid TV Forum")

Allocation Template:

0x00 to 0x5FReserved for registration to DVB specifications
0x00Online SDT (OSDT) for CI Plus [i.9]
0x01DVB-IPTV SD&S [60]
0x02Material Resolution Server (MRS) for companion screen applications [i.10]
0x60 to 0x7FReserved for registration to standardised systems through the DVB Project Office
0x80 to 0xFF user defined



In the standardized systems registration range, allocations shall only be made for standardized systems which are fully described in a publicly available document from a standardization body recognized by DVB. Separate allocations for different versions of the same standardized system specification shall only be made if and when a receiver would otherwise not be able to detect the version used from the contents of the standardized system streams themselves.


Standardized system specifiers should thus design their specifications such that receivers can detect the version used without the use of separate URI_Linkage_Type values.

Defined in:

EN 300 468

TS 101 211

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