DVB-SI | Platform ID

Platform_IDs are globally unique IDs used in connection with mobile TV services, to enable roaming in connection with services based using the DVB-IPDC (IP Datacast) specifications.

Key Fields
"Platform_Name" - Name of the Bouquet, e.g. “ACME MobileTV”
"Platform_Operator" - Name of company which operates the IPDC Platform, e.g. “ACME Investments, Inc.”

Allocation Template

0x000 000 Reserved
0x000 001 to 0xFFE FFF
Available for registration
– the description can be a maximum
of 255 characters
0xFFF 000 to 0xFFF FFE
managed by the network operator,
and may be used for IP/MAC Platforms
supporting services only within a single
DVB network. These platform_id
values are unique within a network_id only.
0xFFF FFF Reserved

As a rule, the first three Hexadecimal digits of the Platform_ID correspond to the Hexadecimal ISO 3166 three letter country code for the country of original of the IPDC Platform. The next three digital are incremented with each new IPDC platform for a given country:
e.g. Austria’s first DVB-H platform would have Platform_ID: 0x 028 (Austria) 001, i.e. 0x028001.

Defined in:
TS 102 470 V1.1.1 §4.2
EN 301 192 V1.4.2 §8.1 and following

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