DVB-SI | Original Network ID

An Original_Network_ID (ONID) is defined as the “unique identifier of a network”. Its main use is in the unique identification of a service through the path Original_Network_ID, Transport_Stream_ID. Originally linked to Network_IDs, ONIDs should mainly be used for network operators, broadcasters and content producers.

Key Fields
"Original_Network_Name - Name of the Network, e.g. “ACME TV”
"Original_Network_Operator" - Name of company which operates Network, e.g. “ACME Broadcasting Corporation.”

Allocation Template

0x0000 Reserved
0x0001 to 0xFEBF Available for registration
0xFF00 to 0xFFFF Private_temporary_use
(i.e. not subject to DVB Office registration

Defined in:
EN 300 468 V1.8.1 §5.2.2;
TR 101 211 V1.8.1 §4.1.2

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