MHP & GEM | MHP_Organisation_ID (incl. HbbTV)

Allocated to a single company, the MHP_Organisation_ID is used in the chain to determine the origin of an MHP application. MHP_Organisation_IDs are also allocated for companies generating applications for the US cable community and for the Blu-ray Disc community.

Key Fields
"CA System Name" - Name of the company supplying Conditional Access services (e.g. “ACME CA Services, Inc.”)

Allocation Template

0x0000 0000 Reserved
0x0000 0001 to 0x7FFE FFFF
Subject to registration
0x7FFF 0000 to 0x7FFF FFFF Blu-ray Disc Association
0xFFFF 0000 Reserved
0xFFFF 0001 to 0xFFFF FFFF Blu-ray Disc Association

Defined in:
EN 201 812 V1.1.1 §10.8.1

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