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Allocated to a single company, the MHP_Organisation_ID is used in the chain to determine the origin of an MHP application. MHP_Organisation_IDs are also allocated for companies generating applications for the US cable community and for the Blu-ray Disc community.

Key Fields
"CA System Name" - Name of the company supplying Conditional Access services (e.g. “ACME CA Services, Inc.”)

Allocation Template

0x0000 0000Reserved
0x0000 0001 to 0x7FFE FFFF 
Subject to registration
0x7FFF 0000 to 0x7FFF FFFFBlu-ray Disc Association
0xFFFF 0000Reserved
0xFFFF 0001 to 0xFFFF FFFFBlu-ray Disc Association

Defined in:
EN 201 812 V1.1.1 §10.8.1

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