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The MHP_Application_Type_ID is used to signal the type of application – be it MHP, or from another body – which is being carried in an MHP stream. For example, MHP services could easily be carrying UK MHEG applications which could be passed through a STB and run on an MHEG-compliant iDTV.

Key Fields
"Application_Type_Description" - Description of a type of MHP-based and external applications, e.g. “ACME-J”
"Application_Type_Operator" - Name of the organisation which is responsible for operating applications listed in Application_Type_Description, e.g “ACMECABLELABS, Inc.”

Allocation Template

0x0001 to 0x0002Reserved for MHP applications
0x0003 to 0x7FFFSubject to Registration by DVB

Defined in:
ES 201 812 V1.1.2 §10.5.1, Table 10 & Table 12

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