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The Application Identification Table (AIT) provides information on MHP applications carried within a DVB stream. The descriptor tags listed in this registration are used to signal different classes of MHP applications, e.g. DVB-J applications, DVB-HTML applications, OCAP-J, etc. MHP_AIT_Descriptors are allocated to sister standards fora, typically those who are implementing GEM. (See for more information.)

Key Fields
"AIT_Description" - Description of AIT application classification, e.g. “ACME-J”
"AIT_Operator" - Name of the organisation which is responsible for operating applications listed in AIT_Description, e.g “ACMECABLELABS, Inc.”

Allocation Template

0x60 to 0x64Allocated by MHP
0x65 to 0x7F
Available for registration
0x80 to 0xFF
Reserved for future use

Defined in:
A107 (dTS 102 590 V1.1.1) §10.11

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