DVB Identifiers

To aid the unique identification of DVB broadcasts, DVB networks and MHP applications, DVB Services Sàrl acts as a registration authority for all DVB and MHP identifiers. All DVB broadcasts, whether over satellite, cable, terrestrial or IP networks, use DVB’s Service Information (DVB-SI, EN 300 468) standard to help receivers automatically tune to available broadcasts.


Additional types of DVB Identifiers are available on request: info@dvbservices.com

A fee is charged for the allocation of DVB Identifiers. Click here to see the fee structure. To begin the process of applying to obtain an Identifier click the button below.



What is a DVB Identifier?

TS 101 162 defines the allocation of identifiers pertaining to different DVB specifications (e.g. MHP, SI, Data Broadcasting, etc). Each DVB Identifier has the following attributes:


  1. It is defined in a DVB specification (e.g. DVB Service Information (EN 300 468)).
  2. It is a binary number represented by its hexadecimal equivalent denoted by the prefix “0x”. This avoids having to write lots of 1s and 0s. Therefore 0x0100 is the representation of binary 000 100 000 000 and decimal 256.
  3. It has a text description. The tables of values and descriptions are published on this website.
  4. It is allocated to an entity which is a company operating in the digital television space (e.g. ACME Digital Broadcasting, Inc.), or a grouping of such companies (e.g. a ACME – Association of Cable/MMDS Enterprises) or an institution acting in digital television, e.g. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)
  5. It may be allocated for a given region. For terrestrial broadcasting, this is typically a national territory; for satellite operations, this is typically a geographical region spanning many countries, but consistent with the footprint of the satellites owned by the operators.


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