DVB-SI | CP System ID

A CP_System_ID is used to identify a CPS – Content Protection System. As DVB-CPCM, DVB\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s set of specifications for Content Protection and Copy Management, is designed to facilitate interoperability, CP_System_IDs need to be assigned to CP Systems which interact with CPCM to ensure that their private data (e.g. transactional data or usage scenario information) is correctly passed through DVB-CPCM.

Key Fields
"CP_System_Description" - Name of a Content Protection System (CPS), e.g. “ACME Content Safe”
"CP_System_Specifier" - Name of the company supplying CPS mentioned above, e.g. “ACME CPS Consortium”

Allocation Template

0x0000 to 0x00FF Reserved for use by DVB
0x0100 to 0xFFFF Available for registration

Defined in:
TS 102 825-4 V1.1.1 §5.4.13

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