DVB-SI | CA System ID

CA_System_ID values are allocated to Conditional Access system vendors to identify CA sytems within the application area of the DVB-SI standard (EN 300 468), by insertion in the CA_System_ID field.

Key Fields
"CA System Name" - Name of the company supplying Conditional Access services (e.g. “ACME CA Services, Inc.”)

Allocation Template

0x0000 Reserved
0x0001 to 0x00FF Reserved for registration to standardised systems
0x0100 to 0xFFFF Reserved for general registration

In the standardised systems registration range, allocations shall only be made for Conditional Access systems which are defined as such by an appropriate DVB authority, and which are fully described in a publicly available document from a recognised standardisation body.

In the general registration range allocations shall only be made to bone fide Conditional Access system vendors. Applicants need to demonstrate that the vendor is proposing a registration for a legitimate Conditonal Access product.

Defined in:
EN 300 468 V1.8.1 §6.2.5;
TR 101 211 V1.8.1 § & § & §

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