DVB ID Application

Please note that an administration fee is charged for the allocation of DVB and MHP Identifiers.  No payment will be due until the application has been reviewed by a representative of DVB Services Sàrl.

Applying for an ID

The first stage in applying for any DVB or MHP Identifier is to submit basic information detailing:

STEP 1 - Applicant Information
a) the person applying for the Identifier
b) the company or organisation on whose behalf they are applying
c) The administrative and the technical contacts

STEP 2 - Identifiers
d) the type or types of Identifier requested
e) the intended use of the Identifier

STEP 3 - Details
f) Validation and acceptation of the Terms & Conditions

Once your application has been reviewed and approved you will be sent an email with a link leading to the final steps of the process including our secure online payment system.

If you have any questions about the application process please contact: info@dvbservices.com

ID Application Form


NOTE: Please enter your own details in these fields

Applicant Company


NOTE: This section relates to the company on behalf of which you are applying

Administrative contact

NOTE: This person should be a legal signatory for your company

Technical contact

NOTE: Please enter the details of a technical contact for the applicant company

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