Administration Fees

When an application for the allocation of DVB or MHP Identifiers has been approved, the applicant will be required to pay an administrative fee before the allocation is completed and confirmed. The payment notification is sent by email, with a link a secure page where a credit card payment can be made.

The fees are structured as follows:

- €300 per application, plus
- €200 per ID requested

Example 1: Apply for a single CA_System_ID
- €300 for the application
- €200 for one ID
= Total of €500

Example 2:
Apply for one (1) Original_Network_ID and ten (10) Bouquet_IDs
- €300 for the application
- €2,200 for the IDs requested (€200 * 11)
= Total of €2,500

Please note that the fees charged are not intended to reflect the value of the particular Identifiers in question. Rather the fees are intended to offset some of the costs of administering, allocating and regulating the use of these Identifiers.

Apply for an Identifier

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