About the DVB Mark Agreement


Wherever the DVB logos are used in relation to a product - be it a broadcast, a service, an application or equipment – it implies compliance of that product with DVB standards.

Only vendors that have entered into a “DVB Trademark Authorised User Agreement” with DVB Services Sàrl may use the DVB logo(s) in this way. By entering into such an agreement a vendor undertakes to ensure that any product bearing the DVB logo complies with at least one published DVB standard – “Declaration of Conformity”. DVB Services Sàrl is authorised to distribute the DVB Trademark Authorised User Agreement on behalf of the DVB Project.

It should be noted that there is no obligation to use the DVB logo(s) on a product that complies to DVB standards, which can be obtained free of charge directly from ETSI.

There is no annual fee for using the DVB logo(s). A one-time administration fee of EUR €100 is charged at the time the agreement is entered into.

All DVB Trademark Authorised Users are listed on this website, including a short description of their company’s activities.
If your company is already on this list and you want to obtain the logos please contact us at info@dvbservices.com.

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