About DVB Services

Established in 2003, DVB Services Sàrl is a limited liability company formed under Swiss law.  It provides services related to standards applicable to digital broadcasting, including, among other activities, management of licences of trademarks and other intellectual property and delivery of identification numbers to broadcasters and other service providers offering DVB services. DVB Services Sàrl is owned by the DVB Project. The registered office of DVB Services Sàrl is 17A Ancienne Route, CH -1218 le Grand Saconnex, Switzerland.  The email address is info@dvbservices.com. 

Licensing of the DVB and MHP marks, and the allocation of broadcast identifiers, were previously handled by the DVB Project.   These activities are now undertaken by DVB Services Sàrl following decisions of the Steering Board of the DVB Project and of DVB Services Sàrl.   Under DVB Services Sàrl, these activities can now be handled more efficiently, with an improved system for the allocation of identifiers and, for users of the DVB logo, a move from an onerous per-product registration system to a one-time DVB Trademark Authorised User Agreement.

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