Welcome to DVB Services

DVB Services Sàrl is a limited liability company which was created to carry out certain commercial activities on behalf of the DVB Project.

The DVB Project is an industry consortium dedicated to the design of technical standards for digital broadcasting. For more information about the DVB Project visit: www.dvb.org

DVB Identifiers

DVB Services is the registration authority for DVB Service Information (SI) identifiers and MHP identifiers. You can find more information about the DVB-SI and MHP identifiers below.

Additional types of DVB Identifiers are available on request: info@dvbservices.com

Apply for an Identifier

DVB Mark Agreement

Any company that wishes to use the DVB logo on a product that complies with DVB standards must record itself as a DVB Trademark Authorised User.

If your company has already registered, please contact us to obtain the logo files.

Apply for a DVB Mark Agreement

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